Easy and Cheap Gundam Tutorial For Newbie Part 2

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Here’s the tutorial:

1. Make a gundam eye foil sticker
2. Save paint using rubber bands in a paint bottle

1. If you react directly from the bottle, actually directly from the bottle is not ideal, but the following tips will help you save paint as well as avoid dry paint
2. It’s simple just to put a rubber band (or paper glue) on the paint bottle
3. This rubber band is useful for dropping excessive paint when taken by a brush, this technique is effective for saving paint

3. Add gunpla details with pierced nails

this technique is intended to add detail using piercing nails, as if they were bullet marks or bolts in the real gundam in the anime

4. Make a pose on the gundam pilot figure

1. most gunpla (rg mg mg pg) get a pilot figure from his gundam, if you want to repress the figure it’s easy
2. only just heating it using a hair dryer to soften the plastic figure
3. after plastic figure softens, shape the figure to your heart’s content. After hardening the figure will follow the pose that you form

5. Make a tool for sandpaper

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Easy and Cheap Gundam Tutorial For Newbie Part 1

The gupla model kit has become one of the most popular hobbies in Indonesia, but also throughout the world, no doubt the influence of the gundam kit model is based on many developing gundam anime series, and the more interesting anime gundam series.

One of the hobbies of Gundam is not only to collect, but also sometimes has the ambition to change the appearance of Gunpla to be cooler, there are many ways to make gundam cooler than before, such as painting, custom or kitbash.

Well actually there are many more ways to make gundam even cooler, one of them is a tutorial from fanspage gundam monoeye press, here I have summarized 10 easy tutorials to make cool gundam easily and cheaply.

Here’s the tutorial:

1. Washing (Backwash In) airbrush technique

1. cleaning the airbrush when you want to change paint is indeed a must for users new airbrush, the following are easy and fast steps.
2. clear the paint container as clean as you can then fill it with thinner.
3. Use your finger to close the tip of the penbrush with the tip of the penbrush closed with your finger, pull the kebam pin and turn on the strong air pressure, the thiner will enter back into the paint container pan and also clean the airbrush nozzle.

2. Make a custom grip on the bazooka gunpla

1. lots of gunpla that have bazooka handles that can easily be customized and replaced to add additional details to gunpla
2. starting with a small piece of cable, or it could be paperclip (paperclip)
3. leave the rubber slightly in the center, this will add detail to the handle
4. Bendable kable with pliers, try when bending straight for both sides
5. The end result must be the same as the original, of course, you can shape it as you like
6. You may have to bend the cable a little to fit the bazooka

3. Make a brush handle

1. some brushes can be very difficult to use because it might be too small and slippery, to fix it very easily that is by adding rubber from the pen
2. With this rubber pen you will have a good grip when painting with a brush
3. masking tape can also make a good brush grip, and can be applied to all brush sizes, just stick the masking tape on the brush handle

4. Make gunpla ventilation detailing

1. This technique is good for gunpla which can be removed in the ventilation section, is an easy and fast step to add hg details like mg.
2. first remove the vent part of the gunpla miserly mound and then steal the center of the gunpla vent, try to only think one direction so that the plastic part that is thought is straight one-way.
3. Ventilation on the gundam is usually an important point, with this technique will make the ventilation look more detailed with just a few easy steps

5. Make a simple gunpla base

1. For the demo above, used krylon spray glue, used cd cover and also fine wood shavings
2. Cover the paint on the surface of the CD cover
3. Spill the results of kepermukaan wood shavings that have been coated with glue, wait until it is completely dry
4. Make sure that the wood shavings are stuck all over the surface, discard the remaining wood shavings on the CD cover
5. The results will be very realistic like land / sand, if necessary you can paint as you wish
6. a lot of gunpla that only snapfit can be helped and looks cool using this base, this technique is very cheap and easy to make

So the tutorial, hopefully useful. We continue in the article part 2

First time, Japan will make a Gundam statue that can move

Japan is home to robots, including the Gundam which was popularized through TV series in 1979. Therefore, Japan plans to build a Gundam statue as high as 18 meters or 59 feet in Yokohama. Not only high, the latest project for making Gundam also allows the statue to move.

Announced at a press conference, this project called the Yokohama Gundam Factory was created in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Gundam. Reporting from Techspot, the statue will be erected at Yamashita Pier in Yokohama and is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2020, right at the holding of the Tokyo Olympics.

This new Gundam statue will be the third one built in Japan. The first Gundam statue was made by Century Universal and was given the name RX-78-2 which was built to celebrate the Gundam’s 30th birthday. The statue was completed on June 9, 2009 and placed in Tokyo Park and then moved to Odaiba.

The second Gundam statue was announced on March 5, 2017, to replace the RX-78-2. The replacement is named RX 0 Unicorn and has a double moving panel that allows the statue to change from a unicorn to another mode. The third Gundam statue is likely to display more movement variations.

How to Make a Gundam Robot from Electrical Plugs

Electrical Plugs / Electrical Connectors are often encountered in everyday life. It turns out that if it is arranged properly, it can become a robot gundam. Something from the unused becomes something amazing. Just a little color paint to give a beautiful impression, it will be an amazing work of art.

The steps for making it can be seen from the picture in the upper left corner in sequence down.

And the result is

Not for Weapons, This is the Purpose of Gundam Robot

Indonesian scientists involved in the manufacture of the giant Gundam Robot, Pitoyo Hartono, explained that the purpose of the program called Gundam Global Challence is to bridge science fiction and science.

“What I want to emphasize is that there is a misunderstanding that this will be developed as a weapon, perhaps because the true story of Gundam is a story of war. This is not true. The message we will raise through this media is collaboration, tolerance and peace through science,” Pitoyo told Tempo via short message, Friday, November 23, 2018.

The robot is expected to be on display in 2020 in Yokohama City, Japan, which is the main entry point for Japan for new ideas and technology. Reportedly the robot will appear together with the 40th-anniversary celebration of Gundam which is a franchise brand.

According to the gundamchallenge.com page, the challenge was led by scientists from Waseda University Shuji Hashimoto who worked with several experts, such as anime director Yoshiyuki Tomino, film producer Katsuyuki Motohiro and Creative Technical Director Seiichi Saito.

“We want to ‘challenge’ especially the younger generation from all over the world to build an 18-meter robot that has never been made. There are so many challenges to realize this, from a technical point of view, this Gundam is comparable in level 6,” Pitoyo said.

Say the human height is around 1.8 meters, Pitoyo continues, meaning that the Gundam is 10 times higher than humans. Because this robot has a volume, if its height is 10 times larger, it means that the width and depth are 10 times each. This means that the volume is 10 to the power of 3 times a human.

Pitoyo said, because this is a moving robot, his team must take into account the moment of inertia. The moment of inertia is a difficult barometer of something to move. The moment of inertia is compared to 10 to two times the length of an object.

“This means that the difficulty of Gundam is to move, 10 to 5 times more than humans. This is outside the scope of current robotics technology,” Pitoyo added. “My own dream is to bring this challenge to Indonesia, and provide an opportunity for the younger generation in Indonesia to dream and innovate.”

Tips for Managing Finance for Gundam Collectors

Collecting Gundam can be considered a very unique hobby. No doubt collecting Gundam can be said to be an expensive and classy hobby. Of course as one of the unique collection items is not cheap. Therefore, as a Gundam collector, we need tips on managing finances for gundam collectors. Well this time the admin Hobbyku.net will share tips on managing the benefits for the gundam collector, just listen to the tips!

Tips for Managing Finance for Gundam Collectors

Set a Budget for Collecting Gundam

Want to collect as much Gundam as possible is a natural thing, it’s just a collector’s name. Moreover, you want to collect one particular line of Gundam or certain types of Gundam. Of course, as a responsible collector, it must remain logical by paying attention to one’s own needs, not to be neglected. Especially for collectors who are married, of course, family priorities are very important.

In order for this one hobby to continue, how wise would it be as a collector to arrange a separate budget for the gundam and not be carried away to make mistakes. This budget is adjusted to the income received every month, make sure basic needs are met first, then set aside some for unexpected needs then the rest can be used to buy new gundam.

Making Gundam a Business Opportunity

Maybe there are some Gundam collectors who are typically consumptive like mimin. Gundam collectors are typically bought, assembled and displayed. Of course, the gundam that is purchased if on display will not produce anything, especially if you buy only the same type. As said in the article “the logical fact of buying a Gundam that can make addiction” gundam can also be used as an investment. Besides that it is very exciting not to have a hobby that makes money?

Has supportive activities for hobbies

Gundam collector friends must have a “work for hobby” mindset, but do not maximize the opinion for hobbu, but go back to the first oin, set the budget. Indeed, if it concerns about hobbies, it will be difficult to fight, therefore there need to be restrictions. If you don’t have funds, while the latest PO Gundam is appearing, don’t be provoked. Only ready, but the difference is not much different. Even if you join the PO, you will not be threatened by friends of the gundam collector, right? This is just a matter of thinking. Therefore, try to determine a certain time where you can think and spend time on gundam. by limiting it will not feel tormented when unable to buy gundam, let alone not being able to fulfill the whistlist in the near term. Try to focus on work or family when it’s not the time to think about this one hobby. There will be time.

Use a balanced proportion

Hobby is like love dead, anything will be done. Of course, all things that are owned will be maximized for hobbies. Starting time, mind, energy to money. Even buying expensive Gundam won’t feel expensive if you already say this is a hobby. But as a wise collector, we must remember that there are still other priorities that must be met. Determine the right proportion in the hobby by managing between time and money and everyday life. It’s not wrong to have an expensive hobby as long as we can manage finances well.

Yep, hopefully the tips for managing finances for gundam collectors are useful for all collectors, amiiinnn …

Basic Tools for Assembling Gundam

Hello, my friends are crazy Hobbyku.net! Well, for friends who will or are just entering the world, assemble a gundam plastic model or assemble a gunpla. Of course it requires convenience and tips and tricks in assembling gundam. Of course, with some basic tools to assemble gundams that admin shares, it will be even more helpful in assembling the gundam! Just take a look at the basic tools for assembling gundam!

List of Basic Tools for Assembling Gundam


Nipper or cutting pliers, has a function to cut the gundam part of the runner. For the price of the nipper or cut pliers, it ranges from 40 to 1 million.

Pen Cutter

This Cutter Pen functions as a cleaner for the remaining runner pieces in the less clean part. Pen type SDI is a favorite that is often used by Indonesian builders because it can be found in many places and prices are relatively affordable and convenient to use.

Cutting Mat

Cutting mat is a partner of Pen Cutter. So that the table to assemble is not scratched, and the pen cutter is not blunt quickly it would be nice to buy a mat for cutting, namely Cutting mat. Cutting mat is made of soft rubber base material. If cutting the knife on the surface of the cutting mat will not make the pen cutter blunt, and even the former incision on the cutting mat can disappear on its own. For your own sizes varying from A4, A3, to A1, so you can adjust your tastes and needs.


The sandpaper serves to soften and smooth the cut marks from the pen cutter. For sandpaper which is provided by itself varies according to needs. Now it doesn’t need to be complicated because Hobbyku.net provides a sanding sponge that has the same function as sandpaper. But it is more efficient and comfortable to use.

Gundam Marker

Want to Gundam your assembly results in more detail and cool? Now, this Gundam maker serves to give details on the gunpla by pulling in a line or gap in the Gundam part. Of course, using marker Gundam will make it easier for the process of screening the undam to be more detailed and cool.

Top Coat Spray

Once assembled, coat your favorite gun with a top coat, as the pernish functions to protect your Gundam. There are two types of top coat, namely glossy finish and matte/doff. With a glossy finish you will get a shiny and sleek gunpla surface, while doff/matte has the opposite result. For maximum results, use brand brands Mr.Hobby and Tamiya of course, the price will prove the results!

Well, that was a list of needs and tools for assembling gundams or for assembling other types of kit models. May be useful!

Tips Before Buying a Gundam

Before friends enter the world of cieeeee further enslavement, from Mimin there are tips before buying a gundam that friends need to know. You could say this hobby of assembling Gunpla is not a cheap hobby (but hobbies don’t know the word mahal hihihi). Well, from this time the Mimin will share tips before buying a gundam for potential gundam model kit lovers!

Basic Tips to know before buying a gundam

Check the contents of the wallet before buying a Gundam

Like the mimin tagline, “hobbies don’t know expensive words”. Seeing the contents of the wallet is very necessary, be a logical person, considering the price of gundam which is said to be very wow will certainly make the health condition of the wallet less healthy. It would be nice to buy a gundam once a month, of course after payday. This means that you mean as a form of appreciation for yourself after working a full month!

See the Gundam price tag

Actually, this doesn’t affect much, only point number 2 is very important if friends are going to Japan. On the side of the Gundam box, above the barcode after the standard strip, if there is a gundam price (see picture below), this is the original price of the Gundam in the form of Yen. If friends have the opportunity to make mistakes in Japan (those who want to go to Japan can contact Mimin, Seriously!), The prices displayed by the store are usually cheaper than the prices in the box! (Mimin once found HG Neo Zeong at Akiba for only 18,000 yen). Now, this point is meant by my friends so that they don’t buy wrong when the exchange rate is expensive, but if you want to buy, buy Gundam and GPP anyway

Gundam Assembling Tool

Before buying a Gundam, it’s good to buy tools to assemble the Gundam. Even though assembling Gundam can be “hacked” using other tools, buying a tool to assemble this gundam as a form of respecting the first Gundam so on, of course not only the hard-earned tools are assembled with improvised tools that can cause unwanted marks? Therefore buying these tools is very important.

Gundam Scale and First Impression Assemble Gundam

SD, HG, RG, MG, PG. is a type of scale (Gundam scale often known as Gundam grade) in the Gundam model kit (details will be discussed later). Of course the bigger the scale of the gundam, the better the price (the order from the small to the large SD, HG, RG, MG, PG). If you want to get the first impression of assembling the “wow” and “wow” mimin, you should first be able to assemble the HG type then MG, besides the difficulty level is not difficult and the parts are still relatively small. Prices for HG and MG types are still affordable.

Original Gundam Brand or Bootleg Gundam?

Not only false hopes, but this gundam can also be fake! How come you can? Many manufacturers from China that produce Gunpla are very similar to the Gundams produced by Bandai manufacturers. The Gundam box is made to resemble Bandai’s output. But in terms of price and quality, it is of course different! Well, for the initial mimin assemblers, we recommend buying Bandai’s Gundam, which is, of course, an original brand. But if you feel you are good at assembling and want to save money for hobbies and want to feel “assemble with energy”. Can be tried to buy this bootleg Gundam.

Now what? hopefully enlightened in buying a gundam! Thank you for viewing this article.

Logical Facts on Reasons to Buy a Gundam that can make Addiction!

Who doesn’t know the gundam kit model? The Gundam model kit, which has the abbreviation Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model Kit), according to a private admin is a model kit that honed our ability to create as much as possible even to the patience needed in this hobby of assembling gundam. Well, this time Hobbyku.net besides selling gundams and equipment to assemble gundam will give you a reason why you should collect Gundam!

Reasons to buy and collect Gundam

Fun Gundam for Assembling

Unlike other action figures, the gundam model kit must be self-assembled to form a gundam shaped robot. In the process of assembling gundams, it presents its own challenges for those who assemble. Surely this gundam model kit is perfect for those who like to challenge or who want to try the challenge by assembling the gundam !.

Gundam is cool

Who does not like robots equipped with highly sophisticated technology? Maybe liking is an incorrect word, but amazed, cool is the right word to represent the Gundam! Therefore all things related to robots look cool and charming for collection, including gundams. The term javanese is “wangun”.

Hobbies Collecting and Assembling Exciting Gundams

If you have talked about hobbies, of course, anything can be done, including the hobby of collecting and assembling Gundam. Whatever the price of a Gundam is as expensive as any Gundam is a twist that must be faced in this hobby, of course being able to collect and assemble dream Gundams will bring happiness! Believe what you are hard to get will bring happiness!

Starting from Trying to watch Anime Gundam

Anime Gundam will bring us to see the greatness and embed the Gundams that exist. Even the stories in the anime Gundam itself are very interesting to follow. Of course, over time you will dream of having a Gundam!

Gundam as Investment

Why do toys become investment materials, investment should be land, gold. But don’t get me wrong, yes, Gundam can be an investment too! Some models of gundam kits can be surprisingly rare and will certainly make the price of the Gundam rise. Because there are so many fans of Gundam that are spread all over the world, it is likely that this model of the Gundam kit has become very rare, so it’s likely that Gundam is a rare item that is very open.

Gundam as a Photography Model

Making Gundam as a photography object might be unusual. But this will be an interesting and anti-mainstream thing! Apart from the varied forms of gundam, the model of the gundam kit is very beautiful when immortalized with a camera.

Gundam as Room Decorator

If your room feels empty, or your desk feels lonely, a Gundam kit model can be a solution. Placing some types of Gundam and even making diorama work with you will turn the room atmosphere even your desk is more excited! Of course, this is also a tool to motivate and add creative ideas that will emerge.

Now, how about the logical fact of buying and collecting gundams? Of course, you can make it addictive to! Don’t believe it? Just prove it! Thank you for viewing this article.

Moving Giant Gundam is Being Made! There is an Indonesian Professor Behind the Project!

In Japan, the moving giant Gundam is being developed! Apparently there is an Indonesian professor behind the project! What would the Gundam look like, huh?

Of the many serial robots from Japan, Gundam is indeed one of the most ambitious. How not, after before Japan made the original RX-78-2 Gundam and Gundam Unicorn statues, now they want to make a giant Gundam move! This project is part of the 40th anniversary of Gundam.

Of course this is not an easy project, and requires the right calculation in making it. How not, if there is a giant Gundam moving, it must be made precisely.

Therefore, there will be two professors who are experts in their fields. First there is Prof. Shuji Hashimoto from Waseda University.

The second professor is Professor Dr. Pitoyo Hartono who is a Professor at the Department of Mechanics and Information, CHUKYO University. As you might expect, Prof. Dr. Pitoyo Hartono is indeed a lecturer in Japan who comes from Indonesia, precisely born in Surabaya who still likes to talk about it.

Previously, this project was developed in an event called the Gundam Global Challenge, where all people from all over the world could submit their giant Gundam concept to be chosen by the judges, consisting of Yoshiyuki Tomino (Kreator Gundam), Prof. Shuji Hashimoto, Prof. Pitoyo Hartono, Katsuyuki Motohiro (film producer), and Seiichi Sato (Creative & Technical Director).

There are already four winners selected and they will take part with the people above to develop a Gundam that can move with a combination or development of their concepts.

Actually, this project will be shown in 2019, but it was postponed to 2020 in Yokohama to provide time for scientists to develop it, as well as coincide with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

If later this project is completed, then we will enter a new era, where there will be giant robots that really can move as we see in anime, movies, and games. Will it later be made as a weapon of war too?

What do you think? Do you have a dream to climb a giant Gundam that can move? Please write your opinion in the comments field and share it with your friends.