Basic Tools for Assembling Gundam

Hello, my friends are crazy! Well, for friends who will or are just entering the world, assemble a gundam plastic model or assemble a gunpla. Of course it requires convenience and tips and tricks in assembling gundam. Of course, with some basic tools to assemble gundams that admin shares, it will be even more helpful in assembling the gundam! Just take a look at the basic tools for assembling gundam!

List of Basic Tools for Assembling Gundam


Nipper or cutting pliers, has a function to cut the gundam part of the runner. For the price of the nipper or cut pliers, it ranges from 40 to 1 million.

Pen Cutter

This Cutter Pen functions as a cleaner for the remaining runner pieces in the less clean part. Pen type SDI is a favorite that is often used by Indonesian builders because it can be found in many places and prices are relatively affordable and convenient to use.

Cutting Mat

Cutting mat is a partner of Pen Cutter. So that the table to assemble is not scratched, and the pen cutter is not blunt quickly it would be nice to buy a mat for cutting, namely Cutting mat. Cutting mat is made of soft rubber base material. If cutting the knife on the surface of the cutting mat will not make the pen cutter blunt, and even the former incision on the cutting mat can disappear on its own. For your own sizes varying from A4, A3, to A1, so you can adjust your tastes and needs.


The sandpaper serves to soften and smooth the cut marks from the pen cutter. For sandpaper which is provided by itself varies according to needs. Now it doesn’t need to be complicated because provides a sanding sponge that has the same function as sandpaper. But it is more efficient and comfortable to use.

Gundam Marker

Want to Gundam your assembly results in more detail and cool? Now, this Gundam maker serves to give details on the gunpla by pulling in a line or gap in the Gundam part. Of course, using marker Gundam will make it easier for the process of screening the undam to be more detailed and cool.

Top Coat Spray

Once assembled, coat your favorite gun with a top coat, as the pernish functions to protect your Gundam. There are two types of top coat, namely glossy finish and matte/doff. With a glossy finish you will get a shiny and sleek gunpla surface, while doff/matte has the opposite result. For maximum results, use brand brands Mr.Hobby and Tamiya of course, the price will prove the results!

Well, that was a list of needs and tools for assembling gundams or for assembling other types of kit models. May be useful!

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