Easy and Cheap Gundam Tutorial For Newbie Part 1

The gupla model kit has become one of the most popular hobbies in Indonesia, but also throughout the world, no doubt the influence of the gundam kit model is based on many developing gundam anime series, and the more interesting anime gundam series.

One of the hobbies of Gundam is not only to collect, but also sometimes has the ambition to change the appearance of Gunpla to be cooler, there are many ways to make gundam cooler than before, such as painting, custom or kitbash.

Well actually there are many more ways to make gundam even cooler, one of them is a tutorial from fanspage gundam monoeye press, here I have summarized 10 easy tutorials to make cool gundam easily and cheaply.

Here’s the tutorial:

1. Washing (Backwash In) airbrush technique

1. cleaning the airbrush when you want to change paint is indeed a must for users new airbrush, the following are easy and fast steps.
2. clear the paint container as clean as you can then fill it with thinner.
3. Use your finger to close the tip of the penbrush with the tip of the penbrush closed with your finger, pull the kebam pin and turn on the strong air pressure, the thiner will enter back into the paint container pan and also clean the airbrush nozzle.

2. Make a custom grip on the bazooka gunpla

1. lots of gunpla that have bazooka handles that can easily be customized and replaced to add additional details to gunpla
2. starting with a small piece of cable, or it could be paperclip (paperclip)
3. leave the rubber slightly in the center, this will add detail to the handle
4. Bendable kable with pliers, try when bending straight for both sides
5. The end result must be the same as the original, of course, you can shape it as you like
6. You may have to bend the cable a little to fit the bazooka

3. Make a brush handle

1. some brushes can be very difficult to use because it might be too small and slippery, to fix it very easily that is by adding rubber from the pen
2. With this rubber pen you will have a good grip when painting with a brush
3. masking tape can also make a good brush grip, and can be applied to all brush sizes, just stick the masking tape on the brush handle

4. Make gunpla ventilation detailing

1. This technique is good for gunpla which can be removed in the ventilation section, is an easy and fast step to add hg details like mg.
2. first remove the vent part of the gunpla miserly mound and then steal the center of the gunpla vent, try to only think one direction so that the plastic part that is thought is straight one-way.
3. Ventilation on the gundam is usually an important point, with this technique will make the ventilation look more detailed with just a few easy steps

5. Make a simple gunpla base

1. For the demo above, used krylon spray glue, used cd cover and also fine wood shavings
2. Cover the paint on the surface of the CD cover
3. Spill the results of kepermukaan wood shavings that have been coated with glue, wait until it is completely dry
4. Make sure that the wood shavings are stuck all over the surface, discard the remaining wood shavings on the CD cover
5. The results will be very realistic like land / sand, if necessary you can paint as you wish
6. a lot of gunpla that only snapfit can be helped and looks cool using this base, this technique is very cheap and easy to make

So the tutorial, hopefully useful. We continue in the article part 2

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