Easy and Cheap Gundam Tutorial For Newbie Part 2

In this article we will continue the previous article about Easy and Cheap Gundam Tutorial For Newbie

Here’s the tutorial:

1. Make a gundam eye foil sticker
2. Save paint using rubber bands in a paint bottle

1. If you react directly from the bottle, actually directly from the bottle is not ideal, but the following tips will help you save paint as well as avoid dry paint
2. It’s simple just to put a rubber band (or paper glue) on the paint bottle
3. This rubber band is useful for dropping excessive paint when taken by a brush, this technique is effective for saving paint

3. Add gunpla details with pierced nails

this technique is intended to add detail using piercing nails, as if they were bullet marks or bolts in the real gundam in the anime

4. Make a pose on the gundam pilot figure

1. most gunpla (rg mg mg pg) get a pilot figure from his gundam, if you want to repress the figure it’s easy
2. only just heating it using a hair dryer to soften the plastic figure
3. after plastic figure softens, shape the figure to your heart’s content. After hardening the figure will follow the pose that you form

5. Make a tool for sandpaper

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