Moving Giant Gundam is Being Made! There is an Indonesian Professor Behind the Project!

In Japan, the moving giant Gundam is being developed! Apparently there is an Indonesian professor behind the project! What would the Gundam look like, huh?

Of the many serial robots from Japan, Gundam is indeed one of the most ambitious. How not, after before Japan made the original RX-78-2 Gundam and Gundam Unicorn statues, now they want to make a giant Gundam move! This project is part of the 40th anniversary of Gundam.

Of course this is not an easy project, and requires the right calculation in making it. How not, if there is a giant Gundam moving, it must be made precisely.

Therefore, there will be two professors who are experts in their fields. First there is Prof. Shuji Hashimoto from Waseda University.

The second professor is Professor Dr. Pitoyo Hartono who is a Professor at the Department of Mechanics and Information, CHUKYO University. As you might expect, Prof. Dr. Pitoyo Hartono is indeed a lecturer in Japan who comes from Indonesia, precisely born in Surabaya who still likes to talk about it.

Previously, this project was developed in an event called the Gundam Global Challenge, where all people from all over the world could submit their giant Gundam concept to be chosen by the judges, consisting of Yoshiyuki Tomino (Kreator Gundam), Prof. Shuji Hashimoto, Prof. Pitoyo Hartono, Katsuyuki Motohiro (film producer), and Seiichi Sato (Creative & Technical Director).

There are already four winners selected and they will take part with the people above to develop a Gundam that can move with a combination or development of their concepts.

Actually, this project will be shown in 2019, but it was postponed to 2020 in Yokohama to provide time for scientists to develop it, as well as coincide with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

If later this project is completed, then we will enter a new era, where there will be giant robots that really can move as we see in anime, movies, and games. Will it later be made as a weapon of war too?

What do you think? Do you have a dream to climb a giant Gundam that can move? Please write your opinion in the comments field and share it with your friends.

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