Tips Before Buying a Gundam

Before friends enter the world of cieeeee further enslavement, from Mimin there are tips before buying a gundam that friends need to know. You could say this hobby of assembling Gunpla is not a cheap hobby (but hobbies don’t know the word mahal hihihi). Well, from this time the Mimin will share tips before buying a gundam for potential gundam model kit lovers!

Basic Tips to know before buying a gundam

Check the contents of the wallet before buying a Gundam

Like the mimin tagline, “hobbies don’t know expensive words”. Seeing the contents of the wallet is very necessary, be a logical person, considering the price of gundam which is said to be very wow will certainly make the health condition of the wallet less healthy. It would be nice to buy a gundam once a month, of course after payday. This means that you mean as a form of appreciation for yourself after working a full month!

See the Gundam price tag

Actually, this doesn’t affect much, only point number 2 is very important if friends are going to Japan. On the side of the Gundam box, above the barcode after the standard strip, if there is a gundam price (see picture below), this is the original price of the Gundam in the form of Yen. If friends have the opportunity to make mistakes in Japan (those who want to go to Japan can contact Mimin, Seriously!), The prices displayed by the store are usually cheaper than the prices in the box! (Mimin once found HG Neo Zeong at Akiba for only 18,000 yen). Now, this point is meant by my friends so that they don’t buy wrong when the exchange rate is expensive, but if you want to buy, buy Gundam and GPP anyway

Gundam Assembling Tool

Before buying a Gundam, it’s good to buy tools to assemble the Gundam. Even though assembling Gundam can be “hacked” using other tools, buying a tool to assemble this gundam as a form of respecting the first Gundam so on, of course not only the hard-earned tools are assembled with improvised tools that can cause unwanted marks? Therefore buying these tools is very important.

Gundam Scale and First Impression Assemble Gundam

SD, HG, RG, MG, PG. is a type of scale (Gundam scale often known as Gundam grade) in the Gundam model kit (details will be discussed later). Of course the bigger the scale of the gundam, the better the price (the order from the small to the large SD, HG, RG, MG, PG). If you want to get the first impression of assembling the “wow” and “wow” mimin, you should first be able to assemble the HG type then MG, besides the difficulty level is not difficult and the parts are still relatively small. Prices for HG and MG types are still affordable.

Original Gundam Brand or Bootleg Gundam?

Not only false hopes, but this gundam can also be fake! How come you can? Many manufacturers from China that produce Gunpla are very similar to the Gundams produced by Bandai manufacturers. The Gundam box is made to resemble Bandai’s output. But in terms of price and quality, it is of course different! Well, for the initial mimin assemblers, we recommend buying Bandai’s Gundam, which is, of course, an original brand. But if you feel you are good at assembling and want to save money for hobbies and want to feel “assemble with energy”. Can be tried to buy this bootleg Gundam.

Now what? hopefully enlightened in buying a gundam! Thank you for viewing this article.

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