Tips for Managing Finance for Gundam Collectors

Collecting Gundam can be considered a very unique hobby. No doubt collecting Gundam can be said to be an expensive and classy hobby. Of course as one of the unique collection items is not cheap. Therefore, as a Gundam collector, we need tips on managing finances for gundam collectors. Well this time the admin will share tips on managing the benefits for the gundam collector, just listen to the tips!

Tips for Managing Finance for Gundam Collectors

Set a Budget for Collecting Gundam

Want to collect as much Gundam as possible is a natural thing, it’s just a collector’s name. Moreover, you want to collect one particular line of Gundam or certain types of Gundam. Of course, as a responsible collector, it must remain logical by paying attention to one’s own needs, not to be neglected. Especially for collectors who are married, of course, family priorities are very important.

In order for this one hobby to continue, how wise would it be as a collector to arrange a separate budget for the gundam and not be carried away to make mistakes. This budget is adjusted to the income received every month, make sure basic needs are met first, then set aside some for unexpected needs then the rest can be used to buy new gundam.

Making Gundam a Business Opportunity

Maybe there are some Gundam collectors who are typically consumptive like mimin. Gundam collectors are typically bought, assembled and displayed. Of course, the gundam that is purchased if on display will not produce anything, especially if you buy only the same type. As said in the article “the logical fact of buying a Gundam that can make addiction” gundam can also be used as an investment. Besides that it is very exciting not to have a hobby that makes money?

Has supportive activities for hobbies

Gundam collector friends must have a “work for hobby” mindset, but do not maximize the opinion for hobbu, but go back to the first oin, set the budget. Indeed, if it concerns about hobbies, it will be difficult to fight, therefore there need to be restrictions. If you don’t have funds, while the latest PO Gundam is appearing, don’t be provoked. Only ready, but the difference is not much different. Even if you join the PO, you will not be threatened by friends of the gundam collector, right? This is just a matter of thinking. Therefore, try to determine a certain time where you can think and spend time on gundam. by limiting it will not feel tormented when unable to buy gundam, let alone not being able to fulfill the whistlist in the near term. Try to focus on work or family when it’s not the time to think about this one hobby. There will be time.

Use a balanced proportion

Hobby is like love dead, anything will be done. Of course, all things that are owned will be maximized for hobbies. Starting time, mind, energy to money. Even buying expensive Gundam won’t feel expensive if you already say this is a hobby. But as a wise collector, we must remember that there are still other priorities that must be met. Determine the right proportion in the hobby by managing between time and money and everyday life. It’s not wrong to have an expensive hobby as long as we can manage finances well.

Yep, hopefully the tips for managing finances for gundam collectors are useful for all collectors, amiiinnn …

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