Easy and Cheap Gundam Tutorial For Newbie Part 1

The gupla model kit has become one of the most popular hobbies in Indonesia, but also throughout the world, no doubt the influence of the gundam kit model is based on many developing gundam anime series, and the more interesting anime gundam series. One of the hobbies of Gundam is not only to collect, but […]

First time, Japan will make a Gundam statue that can move

Japan is home to robots, including the Gundam which was popularized through TV series in 1979. Therefore, Japan plans to build a Gundam statue as high as 18 meters or 59 feet in Yokohama. Not only high, the latest project for making Gundam also allows the statue to move. Announced at a press conference, this […]

How to Make a Gundam Robot from Electrical Plugs

Electrical Plugs / Electrical Connectors are often encountered in everyday life. It turns out that if it is arranged properly, it can become a robot gundam. Something from the unused becomes something amazing. Just a little color paint to give a beautiful impression, it will be an amazing work of art. The steps for making […]

Not for Weapons, This is the Purpose of Gundam Robot

Indonesian scientists involved in the manufacture of the giant Gundam Robot, Pitoyo Hartono, explained that the purpose of the program called Gundam Global Challence is to bridge science fiction and science. “What I want to emphasize is that there is a misunderstanding that this will be developed as a weapon, perhaps because the true story […]

Logical Facts on Reasons to Buy a Gundam that can make Addiction!

Who doesn’t know the gundam kit model? The Gundam model kit, which has the abbreviation Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Model Kit), according to a private admin is a model kit that honed our ability to create as much as possible even to the patience needed in this hobby of assembling gundam. Well, this time Hobbyku.net besides […]

Moving Giant Gundam is Being Made! There is an Indonesian Professor Behind the Project!

In Japan, the moving giant Gundam is being developed! Apparently there is an Indonesian professor behind the project! What would the Gundam look like, huh? Of the many serial robots from Japan, Gundam is indeed one of the most ambitious. How not, after before Japan made the original RX-78-2 Gundam and Gundam Unicorn statues, now […]