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JW Maxx Solutions Reviews Best SEO Advice for 2014

JW Maxx Solutions Reviews Best SEO Advice for 2014

Online reputation management firm JW Maxx Solutions is reviewing the best SEO advice for 2014. While there are many different SEO strategies that can be use to optimize a post, press release or any visual media, here are two of the best SEO tips to utilize in 2014.

1. Make Your Keywords Stand Out
Whether it’s in a press release or a blog post, it is important to make keywords in text stand out. There are several ways to do this: bolding, italicizing, hyperlinking and more are just some of the ways to make sure that your focus keyword stands out to readers.

2. Be Direct, Not Clever
Unfortunately, Google and other search engines do not pick up on clever word play if the keyword that you are targeting is not prominently displayed. In other words, while it may seem clever and humorous to write a title that is a play on words, any SEO-optimization is lost when titling press releases or blog posts this way.

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