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JW Maxx Solutions Reviews Some of The Biggest Mistakes in History

JW Maxx Solutions Reviews knows that one it comes to building a business, there is a lot of hard work and effort that is needed in order to be successful. Sometimes during the course of the way, an error or two are made. This is something that happens to everyone, but leaves an important impression on the mind: Always double check your work, because you never know what consequences could happen when it comes to a “small” mistake.

1. The Titanic:
Often referred to as the unsinkable ship, this vessel was specifically designed to make the long journey from England to America with no possibility of sinking. But one night, the ship crew ignored the warnings of the icebergs in their path and  kept on their course. The ship hit an iceberg that scraped the entire right side, causing  the ship to sink while also killing 1,517 people. It ended up costing then 7.5 million (the cost to build the ship) which with today’s inflation rates, would be an estimated $168 million.

2. Piper Bravo Oil Rig:
During May of 1994, oil workers had to be evacuated from this rig after an explosion started a fire that killed 167 of the 226 men currently working. During a routine check, inspectors removed and replaced all the safety valves…except for one. Unaware that it was missing, another worker resumed the routine and gas began to leak out. This mistake cost over 3.4 billion in repairs in 1994, an estimated 5.1 billion with today’s inflation rates.

3. The Challenger Space Shuttle:

In January of 1986, this NASA space shuttle, exploded just a little over a minute into its first flight. All seven crew members on board died in the explosion, which was blamed in part on NASA’s faulty design and a combination  booster joint with weak sealant, combined with the freezing temperatures, a mistake that cost 5.5 billion back then (an estimated 11.1 billion today.)

Sometimes a small mistake can lead to much bigger consequences. If you or someone in your business does make a mistake, chances are it’s probably not as bad as these major events and the fallout they had to deal with. The truth is it happens to everyone, even those in the big leagues. Mistakes are sometimes unavoidable, but having a negative reputation following your business or brand around are. If you find yourself in the midst of a reputation crisis you can’t handle, call the experts. At JW Maxx Solutions Reviews, we know how to clean up all the negative dirt found online and can help boost your business back up where it deserves to be.