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Reputation Management and Google: Using the Web to fight Negative Press

Google is an extremely powerful tool in reputation management, and many businesses have a hard time incorporating a Google marketing plan into their corporate structure. Reputation management firms like JW Maxx Solutions can optimize the way that your business appears in search results, allowing your business to be represented properly to your customers instead of getting hidden by negative or unrelated pages.

Google uses a sophisticated algorithm to rank sites and determine which URLs will receive the coveted ten places on the front page of any search. Its ranking system takes into account traffic to the site, links to the site, and applicability of search terms. You can waste time and energy needlessly by attempting to generate traffic to your articles yourself, in order to move the negative publicity off Google’s first page of results.

The process of generating reputation management articles is very simple, however, when you work with an online reputation manager such as JW Maxx Solutions. These companies can publish SEO-friendly, positive stories about your company on sites that already lead in Google rankings. Good press replaces the bad press far more quickly than it would if you tried to fix the problem with your own blog posts. Walter Halicki of JW Maxx Solutions says, “Many of our customers come to us after trying for months to generate enough SEO content to replace the negative press about them on Google. If they had come to us when they first noticed the problem, they wouldn’t have had to lose revenue for that whole time.” When it comes to online reputation, companies are increasingly finding that they can’t afford not to have professional protection.

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